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Once Shreeji Maharaj was in Gadhada. At that time his devotees brought cooking ingredients. The meal was prepared. Saints and Maharajshri had their meals. A beggar boy appeared there. He begged for the food. “I am very hungry.” The devotees did not say anything. Maharaj told them to give something to this boy if any food is left. The devotees looked toward each other. Maharaj was surprised, “Why don't you respond? `The devotees replied Maharaj, How can we give him food? He is a fish eater!” “Oh!”, exclaimed Maharaj, “is it so? But is it equally true that he is hungry?”

“Yes, it is true,” said the devotees. “The hungry and the wretched fall in one category. My dear devotees, it is a duty of a householder to give food to anyone without considering religion, relation, friend or foe, a countryman or a foreigner. The hungry should be fed. Giving of food is greater than giving gold. And the knowledge of the form of Shri Hari (God) is even superior to food giving. But it comes to a later stage after giving food.” Now the dark clouds of suspicion in the minds of devotees were dispersed. They gave the beggar boy sufficient food to eat. Serve the hungry with food to one's might.