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Upon a river-bank there lived a juggler, there was a flood in the river. He took a snake-basket on his head and on the hand a goat that he had. A monkey he seated on his shoulder, thought he to carry the three across the river.

When they reached in the midst of river-steam, the monkey thought his nature to seem. Opened the monkey the basket's lid, hissed the snake that was in the basket laid. As its quality inmate, it sprang upon the monkey's mate.

Quite different was the monkey's sense, he jumped into the water thence. Quite senseless was the goat, was not under control of the juggler's lot. Into the water the goat dashed away, thus all three into the water swept away.

Willingly the juggler carried them as friends, But alas! Nobody remained in his hands. Drowned all three due to their inmate friends, the juggler was never at fault, my dear friends.

Thus from wordly water our soul, to deliver is Almighty's goal.Due to their different inmate disposition, they jump into this worldly ocean.

This story is taken from an epic “SHRI HARI LEELAMRIT” this is told by Shriji Maharaj himself.

Man's nature is like that of a monkey. The monkey opened the basket containing a snake, in the midst of a stream. The snake's nature is to bite. It sprang to bite the monkey. The monkey jumped into the water to save his life. The snake also fell after the monkey into the water. The goat also was afraid and fell into water. The juggler tried his utmost to save them, but they were drowned. This is also in the case of man. Shri Hari tries to save him, but his nature comes in way.