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This is one of the best poems of Brahmanand. Here he has presented forcefully the fact that this body is evanescent. It is like an unripe earthen pot. One cannot say when it will break. Therefore start repeating the name of God now. The Brahmanand Swami has described in this poem pride of human being. The Brahmanand Swami says, “How is a man? He is just like a drunken rat. This wine means wealth, ego and youth moves indifferently and speaks as he thinks fit. He believes that nobody is going to prevent him. But suddenly death jumps upon him like a cat on a drunken rat and he is no more.

Rat means a man with wealth and egoistic about his youth. A cat means death. The poet, in this poem, has selected and arranged the words so nicely that on reading the poem, we can actually see the proud man like a drunken rat. This is the quality of the best poem. At the end there will be a fiasco, at last he will repent. People would mock at him. “This man was egoistic and was boasting. See his condition at the end. So never be proud of your wealth. Never pamper your body. Never speak as you think fit. Never forget God.