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Swami Brahmanand was a great poet. He has composed more than 8000 poems. He loved Shriji Maharaj very much. Shriji Maharaj used to call him “A friend”, lovingly. This friend of Maharaj once fell sick. Illness became serious. Maharaj visited him to enquire about his health. He said, “Swami's life is about to be completed, he will leave us now.”

On hearing this, all the disciples were unhappy. All said, “Maharaj, Swami is a pillar of satsang.” “Keep him alive somehow.” Jivuba, Laduba and other satsangis also requested, “Swami is your friend, keep him by all means.” Maharaj smiled and said, “When there is no money in a treasury, what can even a king do ?” Laduba said, “What can the king do!” “He can fill up the treasury by collecting taxes from the subjects.” “Very well said.” “Swami's life is about to be finished.”

“Are you all prepared to give a small quantity of life from your own ?” asked Maharaj. “We do give, we are waiting only for your order,” replied the people enthusiastically. Maharaj said, “Then decide - Take a vow that I give away a week's longevity from my own.” All the six hundred people who were present there vowed this and then, Maharaj was pleased and declared, “Swami will still live for yet another twelve years more.” And it did happen. Swami recovered from that illness. Now he started with double enthusiasm to compose poems. Such was satsangis' love for their saints! Maharaj loved the saints as fondly as the devotees do.

This is a rare example of devotees' love for their saints. People love their lives more than wealth but devotees love their saints more than wealth.