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Young Ghanshyam had much affection for his sister-in-law, Suvashini. Ghanshyam was very dear to her. The elder brother, RamPratapbhai’s nature was angery. Even in small matters he would raise his hand to hit Ghanshyam. So whenever Ghanshyam wanted anything he would ask his sister-in-law for it and not his elder brother. Once, on seeing the village children play with tops, Ghanshyam wished to play with a top. He said to his sister-in-law, “Bhabhi, get me a top.” “I shall bring it for you,” said she. But she forgot it later on. Thus two to four days passed, now Ghanshyam was angry with his sister-in-law.

On being displeased, Ghanshyam went to a tamarind-tree in front of his house, and slept in a shadow under the tree. Time for lunch approached, but he did not return home. So his sister-in-law went to persuade Ghanshyam. She tickled him on his sides. Ghanshyam at once sat up and said, “Go away, I am not speaking with you. I asked you to bring me a top. Four days have passed, but still you have not brought it.”

“O my God! Is this the reason?” she asked. She took him on her sides, fondled him and said, “Be sure that a top will be in your hands in the morning, O.K!” At last compromise was reached between the two. The next morning the sister-in-law brought a top for her dear brother-in-law. Ghanshyam was very much pleased and went to play, spinning the top, with his friends.

This is a fine illustration of affection between a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law.


Can you answer the following questions:

(a) Why did young Ghanshyam ask his sister-in-law for something instead of his brother?

(b) Describe how and what Ghanshyam did to get a top.

(c) How was there a compromise of the sweet quarrel reached between the sister-in-law and the brother-in-law?