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Once there was a king. He had everything - a minister, a police officer, and soldiers. But he was so weak that he would never order anyone. And if he did, nobody would obey him. Even the servants of his palace did not obey him. Gradually people of his kingdom came to know that the king was very weak. So the subject (people) also did not obey him. All behaved as they pleased. The minister, the police officer and the soldiers - all sat idle, because the king never ordered. What else would they do? The king himself would sit idle and do nothing. So there was anarchy (a great disorder) in his kingdom. It was a rule of miscreants. At last these miscreants took hold of the king as well as the charge of the kingdom and began to order on king's behalf. The whole kingdom was under the heels of miscreants. The king was mere a king in name. He had no importance.

We are like this king. Our body and mind is our kingdom. If we don't control them the miscreants will take hold of them. These miscreants are known as ANGER, GREED, AVARICE, HONOUR, PRIDE, FRAUD, etc. We have to suppress these miscreants and we really have to become a king.

Shriji Maharaj has illustrated this story of a weak king in the first chapter “Gadhada” of his GOSPELS.

Maharaj has told in this chapter how people become haughty and arrogant if their king is weak. Similarly if ANGER, GREED, etc. take hold of our body, we lose the balance and control. So make it a point to see that our mind obeys our order.