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Mankuwa is a small village near Bhuj in Kutch. Once Shriji Maharaj visited this village with more than hundred saints and devotees. Adabhai gave a warm welcome and hospitality to Maharaj and his followers. Adabhai showed his house thoroughly. Maharaj was greatly pleased to see all. Then Adabhai said, “Maharaj I have already two houses, but I want two more. Maharaj heard this with curiosity. “I have two buffaloes,” continued Adabhai “yet I want two more.” Shriji Maharaj said nothing. Adabhai went on demanding, “I have a mare and I want one more.” Now Maharaj said, “You want one more, but why ?” Adabhai replied, “When we, father and son, go to a neighbouring village, one of us sits on the mare and the other has to walk.

This is humiliating. The man like me must maintain status and prestige. So if we have two mares for father and son, it will be full of credit.” “Do you store hay for the cattle?” asked Shriji Maharaj. “No,” replied Adabhai, “we don't find it necessary to store the grass. There are in Vadasar many green fields of Patels. There is plenty of green grass for the whole year. We tie our mares there to graze along-with the cattle of Patels. We bring back our mares when required.” Maharaj heard this patiently. Then he said, “All right, but, Adabhai, what will your mares graze when there is difficulty, drought in Patel's fields? Patels' cattle will starve, what about your horses? At that time Patels will tell you to take back your mares. When you go there to take back your mares, and while returning on the mares-back, if your mares die on the way In this critical situation, you will have to carry the saddle on your head. Now, where is your status and, prestige ?” Adabhai exclaimed, “Oh!, Oh! Maharaj you have narrated long story!” Maharaj smiled and said, “It is my duty to narrate at length. It is up to you whether to believe it or not.” “l believe what you say, shouldn't l?” said Adabhai, “I am ready to believe it even at the cost of my life” Maharaj then returned to Bhuj and from Bhuj he went to Gujarat.

Thus some time went by. Maharaj had advised Adabhai not to have the mare and Adabhai himself had confessed it. Gradually he forgot this and had one more mare. He used to tie this horse in Patels' fields in Vadasar and would bring back when required. There was a famine in the year 1869. In drought farmers' (Patels') own cattle died, what to talk about others? So the farmer requested Adabhai to take away his mare. Adabhai went there to take back his mare. He returned to his village riding on the horse that had become very weak due to starvation. The horse fell on the way and died. It happened exactly

as Maharaj had told. Adabhai put the saddle on his head and returned to his village.

Adabhai repented much. He thought, “I bought the mare for status and prestige but instead of prestige, I have been put in a humiliating condition on account of

the mare.” Thus stressing the need of firm faith and trust in the words of the saint, Maharaj once illustrated, “Rama once told Hanumanji to bring Sanjivani (the plant that restores the dead to life) and Hanumanji started at once. Similarly when we ask someone to bring the Girnar Mountain and the person carries out our command without any hesitation or doubt, it is said to have obeyed our orders. Such a person when brings a stone of one Kilogram is believed to have brought Girnar.” Even about the rearing of animals Maharaj has very clearly instructed in the Sikshapatri: “Only that number of animals should be kept that can be nourished well.”