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There was a robber. His name was Valio. He caught the people coming and going from the jungle, and robbed them. Sometimes he even killed them. Once a saint was passing through, praying to God. Valio said to him, “Give me whatever you have. If you don't surrender, I will kill you.” The saint replied, “O, Brother! Who are you?” Valio said, “Whom do you call `brother'? I am not at all a brother, I am a robber.” The saint said, “Well ! Give me an answer to my question that I'll put. Afterwards you may cut me into thousand pieces.” Valio said, “Well. You may question. What do you want to ask me?” The saint continued, “I want to ask you, you rob the people, and kill them. Why do you sin?” Valio replied, “What should I eat, If I do not rob? Moreover, how to feed my wife, children and my parents?” “Well, do they - your wife, children and parents, share your sin? Have you ever asked them ?” said the saint. “Not yet,” said the robber, “but wait, I will go there just now and will ask them.”

Saying thus, Valio tied the saint to a tree and went home. He asked his parents. They replied, “The man who commits the sin must suffer the consequences. We have never told you to commit a sin.” Valio's wife and children said the same. “Oh! My parents, wife and the children are not ready to share the sin! Then why should I commit sin?” thought Valio to himself. He ran to the jungle and fell at the feet of the saint and said, “I am not going to commit the sin henceforth.”

The saint advised him to pray to God. Valio sat down there and began to repeat the name of God. He went on repeating God's name without caring about food, drink and sleep. Nothing but the name of God“Ram”, “Ram”, “Ram.” Time went by and white-ants built an anthill around him. He was covered by the anthill. Now people call him “the ascetic from the anthill.” Afterwards he became a great saint(Rishi)and poet.From Valio he became Valmiki. Valmiki wrote in sanskrit the life story of Rama and Sita. This story is known as the Ramayan.The saint who advised him to repeat God Rama's name was Narad.