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There was an elephant. He was very strong. Once he went to a lake to drink water. There lived a crocodile in that lake. It was also very strong. It caught the leg of this elephant and began to drag him in deep water. If the elephant goes to deep waters the crocodile would devour the elephant. So the elephant tried its best to free itself from the crocodile's mouth. Thus a tug of war began between the elephant and the crocodile. Both of them were equally powerful, but the crocodile, strength in the water was superior to that of the elephant.

So the elephant was afraid. It began to shout: “O, come and save me, save me!” There were many other elephants but all were helpless. Everyone of them loved its own life. Their lives were dear to them. They were afraid of the crocodile. How can one save other persons when he himself is fearful? At last the elephant was sure that none but God would save him. So the elephant began to pray, “Oh! God, save me! None but you can save me!” Thus the elephant surrendered himself to God. Now God helped him. God threw His Sudarshan and the crocodile's mouth was cut open and died. The elephant was saved.

Whosoever, he may be, an elephant or a crocodile, a tiger or a lion, whosoever powerful he might be, he is merely a trifling before God.

Man is not so powerful as a tiger, a lion or a crocodile, but he is intelligent. He might be intelligent but he is helpless in comparison to God.