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There was a merchant. Once he was going out of his village. A man met him on the way. He had no arms (weapons). Thinking the merchant alone, the man decided to loot him. He shouted, “O, you! take off all your ornaments and give whatever you have to me.” On hearing this, the merchant's escort came forward. He raised his club (a big stick) and cried, “Do you see this? Go away straight or I will break your head.” The man who had come to rob was afraid and ran away without uttering a single word. “What a brave man I am!” said the escort. But the merchant did not say anything, because he knew that the man who had come to rob was unarmed and was not a real robber. The escort thought that the merchant did not appreciate his boldness.

After some days, again the merchant was going out of his village. This time he had with him another escort. His way was passing through a forest. He met areal robbers this time. They had big whiskers and moustaches. The merchant's escort shouted, “Take care, don't touch my master!” He rushed at the robbers with a drawn sword. He fought very boldly. He floored many of the robbers. At last they ran away, but the escort fell down mortally wounded. “Well done, my brave escort, well done!” cried the merchant. The merchant himself lifted the wounded escort and placed him in his own chariot and nicely treated him. The escort thought that the merchant was full of appreciation.

Shriji Maharaj has told this illustration in his Vachanamrit - Ghadhada Prakaran. Through this illustration he suggests: As that escort continued fighting and did not step back by the fear of enemies, the merchant patted him. In the same way, we should go on continuously worshipping God and remain without worry. God will definitely help you. God knows it well, like the appreciative merchant who knew very well which escort fought bravely and which one did not even fight. Nothing remains unknown to God.