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Shriji Maharaj constructed a grand temple at Ahmedabad. He installed Nar-Narayan Dev in the temple. It was a great celebration. Thousands of people from far and wide participated in the celebrations. For the last three or four hundred years, temples with domes were not built in our country. But Shriji Maharaj was the first to build temples with domes - temples, not small but grand and spacious temples, temples having three domes! Hence, people were very much enthusiastic. The celebration concluded on a happy note. Maharaj invited all the Brahmins of Ahmedabad at dinner. This dinner-ceremony is popular known as CHORASI (dinner given to all the 84 sactes of Brahmins).

A magnificient dinner-party (celebration) was held at KANKARIA LAKE. This was the first incident of its kind, not only in Ahmedabad but also in the whole of Gujarat state. People were pleased and proud of the celebration and they were exclaiming attachment and victory for Maharaj. The dinner was over. Everywhere there was joy and praise for the celebration. There was a sea of humanity. The whole atmosphere was throbbing with activity.

Maharaj was basically an ascetic. So he liked the life of forest more than the life in public. He has himself said “I have no other thing so much loved as God. I like to live more in the jungle, mountain and dense forest, not in the city. Such is my nature. I live among people only for my devotees. And in doing so if I require to act, I consider the action only as retirement”. Such was Maharaj's disposition, full of renunciation, hence after the Chorasi-dinner, he fell a thinking. Maharaj at once left that place and went to Jetalpur for a night halt. But the thoughts of hectic activities during the fair constantly ran in his mind. Therefore he was very much sad and fell ill. He left Jetalpur also. He went to Dholka. He even left Dholka and went to Koth. He scolded his mind as the police officer successfully arresting a thief in the house and threatens him, “O mind, be cautious! I will crush you to pieces if hencforth, you have tried to think over anything except God”.

Intellect, at such a time, becomes overwise. So Maharaj retorted his intellect. “Be cautious! I will take you to task if you try to think over anything but God, and if otherwise, I will destroy you!” Meanwhile, a surprise took place. Maharaj saw DEVALOK - an atmosphere of merry making, indulgence in sensual pleasures, dancing, the grand exhibition of colourful clothes, and splendour everywhere. But these had no effect on Maharaj. From DEVALOK, he had a Dharshan of BRAHAM LOK. But this also could not flatter Maharaj's mind. Then all Gods proclaimed, “Such a devotee loving ONE-GOD has never been seen”.

At the same moment, Maharaj's mind was at rest. It seemed as if he had never gone to Ahmedabad to celebrate fair at Kankaria Lake. All thoughts gone, and with them also the illness had gone. Bhagwan himself in “VACHANAMRIT” has said “The devotee of God should behave thus”.

This lesson is based on the Madhyama Prakarana of Gadhada in VACHANAMRIT. There, Shriji Maharaj has shown how mind, intellect, and pride are clever thieves and how to control them.

By constructing temples with domes, Shriji Maharaj has poured a new life in the Hindus. He has installed a new courage. Simultaneously, he has given a new life to architect, sculpture and painting.

Chorasi means a dinner in which all castes of Brahmin dine together. Lacs of rupees are spent after this. Such dinners never take place now.