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This is a poem. This poem can easily be placed along with the poem “Aa Tam Rang PATANG Sarikho[This body of ours is just a multicoloured butterfly!] written by Brahmanand Swami “Call the Saint at last” is a poem composed by Devanand swami.

We have to whip a sleeping person to awake him, similarly, the poet has for such bitter whipping Bhoja Bhagat and Devanand Swami are famous in Gujarati poetry.

The poet says to man how foolish he is. Man should worship God when he is young, powerful, enthusiastic, patient, with a good eye sight and good hearing. But during his youthful days man thinks only of earning money. Now when he is old and about to die, he remembers Sadhus and saints. Late in old age he takes rosary (Mala) in hands and puts sandal wood paste in different forms on his forehead. How shameful! Tie on you intellect! you dig a well when your house is on fire! your house will turn into ashes before you get water from the well. What is the use of taking rosary in hands when we have become old? God gave man the long life, but he wasted many years. And when last few years/days remain, he dedicates them to God! Alas ! This is nothing but to donate a small part when everything is lost/wasted. He is worshipping God when he is old. Where was this wisdom when he was young ? God gave him this human life. It is a great victory of man, but man instead of utilising it for good, he mismanaged the whole life and thus he turned victory into defeat. This is just like falling into water to swim with a stone tied on chest. The stone goes down and with it he also gose down.

At last the poet tells that if man arises to swim and not to drawn, if he wants to be free from a circle of rebirth and never to feel unhappy, man should always fall in good company of a saint and worship God.