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Ghela is a name of river which flows from the outskirts of Ghadhada. Maharaja had once camped at one of the rooms in the house of Dada- the great saint Dada Khachar of Ghadhada. Maharaja DHAM is called Akshardham. Hence the room which Maharaja occupied is also called Akshar- Oradi. Shriji Maharaja means the creator of the world, heavenly father, the owner of the three worlds - Aakash (the Sky), Paatal (the Underworld) and Prithair (the Earth).

How much a huge God could live in such a small room of Dada Khachar? How could he accommodate himself in so small a room? It is a miracle unbelievable. The above is an English version of the beginning of a poem. The later part of the poem deals with the answer of the above question. The poet says that this body of ours is a town of Ghadhada, and our heart is the room called Akshar Oradi. In this Akshar Oradi lives the owner of this world Shriji Maharaja. He is very near to us. He is the only person nearest to us.

After saying thus, the poet bows down his head with reverence to Shriji Maharaja, the supporter of our heart, the ocean of happiness, and prays to him. O God, kindly accept me at your holy feet. Let my birth be successful! This is also our prayer.