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Vairam, Madhavram, Prag, Sukhnandan, Bansidhar, Shivnarayan, Kesarisang, Shaymlal, Radhecharan, and many others were friends of Ghanshyam. All of them use to go to the pond to take a bath, and play on the trees. They went there to eat mangoes, tamarind, jambu, and guavas. They fooled around very much. They climbed on many different trees and branches to play with them as if they were horses. They use to hit the trees as if they were horses.

They made horse sounds with their mouths. This was like a hobby for them. Ghanshyam and his friends were expert wrestlers. They regularly practiced and learned new wrestling moves. One day some wrestlers thought, what do these kids think of wrestling as? What do they see in making their name popular by defeating the opponent.? So they challenged Ghanshyam. They said, “Let us test you, come here.” The whole village had gathered to see the challenge.

The king of the village also arrived there. One of the wrestlers placed an iron chain, of about 240 Kg (480 pounds) on his foot. After tieing the chain he said now pull me. Many people tried to move him by pulling the chain. Hundreds got together and tried, but he did not move at all. Then with great pride he told Ghanshyam to try. Everyone thought of this and said to themselves, what is this, a wrestler and a small child.

Meanwhile Ghanshyam slowly came forward and he bent a little and pulled the chain with his left hand. Then he gave a slow push. The iron chain broke into eleven pieces and the wrestler fell four feet away along with the iron chain.
There were two wrestlers along with this wrestlers. They also had the same iron chain. They said, now we will place this iron chain on Ghanshyam’s foot and will make him fall. Ghanshyam took the chain himself and put it on his feet. Then he stood amongst them and said, “ Now pull the chain and try to defeat me.”

Both wrestlers clapped their thighs and said, “we will throw this child into the river along with the iron chain.” Both had held the iron chain strongly and pulled, but they could not move Ghanshyam even an inch. Both had tried again and again but, the iron chain broke into two pieces. One piece of the chain was left in the hands of the wrestlers. Both wrestlers had fell ten feet away along with the chain. They struck a tree and fell in the dirt. All the gathered people expressed their joy by clapping their hands and shouting. The king also expressed his joy.

Never compete with God. Don’t doubt God’s capacity, and always behave in God’s wish.