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Gods and demons together churned the ocean. There came out a powerful poison. Everyone was afraid on seeing the poison: “What is to be done with the poison?” Lord Shiva came to their help. He swallowed the poison. Lord Shiva's colour of the neck turned into a green one. So he was called Nilkantha. But Ghanshyam is also a similar type of Nilkantha. He has digested almost all the poison of this world. Not only digested it, but transformed it into nectar. 

Such Nilkantha Varni, a brahmchari [a celibate] was passing alone through a dense forest. There some bawas told him, “Eh, you boy, don't go alone in the forest.” “There are many ferocious animals like tigers and leopards.” “It is very dreadful.” “We though many in numbers, are afraid of it.” “I am least afraid.” “God should never be afraid of his own creation,” replied Nilkantha Varni. The bawas were surprised. Nilkantha went ahead patiently, followed by the fearful bawas. It was night. The bawas climbed up the trees for their sleep. While Nilkantha Varni spread a dearskin and slept on the floor.

Ferocious animals arrived at the night. They took a round around Nilkantha Varni and went away. The bawas saw this. The next morning all the bawas fell at his feet and said, “We witnessed only today the real fearless man.” “Bravo Nilkantha; Bravo your fearlessness!”

This is a divine incident from the Leela of Nilkantha Varni while he was moving about in the forest. Look at the fearlessness of a boy of twelve.