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Once young Ghanshyam’s maternal aunt Chandabai went to fetch water from a well. While she was drawing the pot from the well , her nose-ring suddenly fell into the well. She returned home and informed about the loss. Many of her relatives were good swimmers and divers. One of them said, “I will go and find out the nose-ring from the well.” He jumped into the well. He dived and began to search for the nose-ring. But he did not find it. He tried hard but in vain. He did not find the ring. Then he said, “It is not in the well, your nose-ring has fallen somewhere else.”

“No, it has fallen into this well,” said the aunt. The diver said, “No, it’s wrong. The nose-ring is not in the well.” She felt very sorry on being declared a liar. There were tears in her eyes. On seeing this, young Ghanshyam said, “Aunt, don’t weep. I will find out your nose-ring.” Saying this, Ghanshyam jumped into the well and dived deep. Everyone was anxiously watching. Much time passed, but Ghanshyam did not come up. At last everyone began to scold the aunt, “What have you done for a nose-ring?” The aunt was put into a strange condition. She could neither oppose nor respond.

Suddenly there was movement on the surface of the water and Ghanshyam’s head and hands could be seen. He had the nose-ring in his uplifted hand. Ghanshyam did what the divers could not do. On seeing this, everyone was surprised. Certainly this is a meraculous child! There is no limit to his divinity.

This is an episode of young Ghanshyam’s divine performance. God behaves like man when He is born, He appears like man, yet His divinity unknowingly becomes public. 


Can you answer the following questions:-

(a) Where did the aunt’s nose-ring fall ?

(b) What attempts were made to hunt for the nose-ring ?

(c) What did the divers say when they could not find the nose-ring ?

(d) What did young Ghanshyam do when the aunt was accused of telling a lie ?

(e) Why did the aunt worry when Ghanshyam jumped into the well?