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A small distance away from Chhapaiya, there is a village called Tinva Bhaktimata's relatives lived here. One day Bhaktimata, Dharmadev and Ghanshyam went Tinva and stayed there for a week or two with their relative, Prabhit Pande and his wife Vachanbai. Bhaktimata was supposed to be a guest but she started helping in all the household activities - even fetching water from the nearby well.

Vachanbai warned Bhaktimata that she was not to go and fetch water from the well after evening as thousands of ghosts lived in the well. Several people had seen the ghosts.

One evening just after sunset however, the drinking water was not sufficient (ran out) so Bhaktimata collected a pot and a rope and she walked to the well. She tied the rope around the neck of the pot and let it down the well. The ghosts seized the pot and started to make frightening loud noises. Bhaktimata was terrified and suddenly remembered about the ghosts. She let go of the pot, which fell into the well, and she quickly ran home. Seeing his mother shivering with fear, Ghanshyam asked, ""mother, why are you so terrified?"" Bhaktimata then began to tell her son about the ghosts in the well.

The next day without telling his parents, Ghanshyam and a few of his friends went to the ghost well. To the horror of His friends, He expressed his will to jump into the well. They tried to discourage Him by saying that the ghosts would eat Him alive. Ghanshyam paid no attention and jumped into the well. The splash of the water awakened the ghosts and water touched by Ghanshyam was falling on them. Water touched by god is holy water and when it fell on the ghosts they began to burn. The ghosts rushed out of the well. The children were very frightened when they saw the ghosts coming out. Ghanshyam climbed up the well with his wet clothes, He stood at the edge of the well.

The ghosts cried for forgiveness and mercy - ""You are the Lord. Please help us"". Ghanshyam asked what bad deeds they had done to deserve the life of the ghosts. One ghost replied that they were bad people - they ate meat, drank liquor, gambled, stole, harassed and hurt people, killed animals and human beings, etc. One day they had a fight with the king and his soldiers. They were all killed in the fight and became ghosts because of their sins. Another ghost said, ""We still fight each other for a space in the well"". The ghosts pleaded "" O Lord, please forgive us and redeem us from our bondage"". Ghanshyam released them from their bondage and sent them to Badrikashram. Not a single ghost was left in the well and then Ghanshyam returned home.

This news soon spread in the village and everyone was praising Ghanshyam. Ghanshyam had taken birth to redeem the sinners, spread the truth and destroy evil.

Today His devotees know this well as 'Bhutiyo Kuvo'. The well is about 2 km from Chhapaiya. When you visit Chhapaiya you must visit the well of ghosts - Bhutiyo Kuvo."