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Once upon a time the king of Sirpur was holding a meeting. There came a Brahmin from the land of Tailang He said, “O king, I am a great learned man have studied all scriptures and Vedas. Welcome me.” The king said, “You yourself tell me how to welcome you in a pleasing manner.” The Brahmin said, “Give me a golden elephant weighing one and a quarter maund in gift.” “What will you do with the golden elephant?” asked the king.

The Brahmin replied, “I am a learned man. People will know it and I will be highly praised far and wide.” “Alright,” said the king. The king gave him a golden elephant, but as soon as the Brahmin received the elephant in his hand he was completely turned as black as soot. The Brahmin felt ashamed people, instead of praising him, began to slander him, “The Brahmin must be a great sinner, otherwise this would not happened” To remove this scandal, the Brahmin began to recount the name of Goddess Gayatri. He tried other remedies also, but he could not regain his original body.

Someone advised him to consult Varnee, He went there and felt at Varni's feet and said, “I am at your feet. You may save me or parish me,” “I only save, and never kill,” said Varnee Saying so, Varnee recited the MANTRA of `SHRIKRISHNA SHARANAM MAMA.' Abruptly the Brahmin's body was transformed into its originality. His joy knew no bounds. He said, “O Varni what was the reason of my body abruptly turning black?” “Miserliness” replied Varni.” Never be greedy even while giving alms. Accept whatever you get, and bless the giver heartily. Instead of doing thus you yourself asked for the golden elephant and you lost your name.” “Now I shall never do such thing,” said the Brahmin and fell at Varni's feet.

Greed corrupts man's intellect and he falls. This lesson illustrates the above truth.