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Once Swami Shri Sahajananda Maharaj was seated on a cot in Dada Khachar's court in Shri Gadhada. Saints and Paramhansas were present in the meeting. Shriji Maharaj began. “How is God pleased? With whom is He pleased ?” It is not so that God is pleased only with the man who worships him ceremoniously and with pomp and not with the poor. The poor man too, can please God if he offers in all faith water, a leaf or a flower.

God is great, and merciful. If somebody writes a eulogy and presents it to the king, the king will be highly pleased and will give away a small village to him as a gift. God is also easily pleased like a king.

God is great. So He is the king of kings. God, king of kings, is the greatest of all. If a small, ordinary, king is pleased, he will give away a small village in a gift, God, king of kings, will give all. So trust in God.