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When Paramatma left sirpur town, with him were many other siddhapurushas. After many days bhagwan came near the town near to Kamakshi Devi. In a big garden, god and several other devotees started cooking meal. Hearing the arrival of devotees, the chief of the cult came down there with his disciples and several women. Before the Brahmin who was the chief was religious, good and following the Vedic religion. But because of bad company, he started practising the kaulsampraday and started learning and practising black magic.

He shuns his family values and religion and started eating meat and drinking alcohol and worshipped the deities of the darker side. He came to lord Nilkanth heavily drunk and eaten meat. His mouth smelt and face was dark, holding a trident in his hand, wearing a red turban on his head, looked very ugly and horrible. He then addressed the group of devotees,” You lot! Take out your Tulsi mala’s from your neck and be my devotees or else I will have you all killed.” Hearing this from the drunks mouth, all the devotees got scared and soon started begging to god:” O Paramatma! Please save us from this monster”. Nilkanth quietly said to all of them, “there is no need to panic, let him try to make me his devotee first”.
The chief then tried to show his power of magic and soon turned a green tree into a dry lifeless old tree with no leaves. After that he tried all his black magic on Nilkanth but nothing worked. So he sent Bhairav to kill them, but failed. On the other hand, bhairav beat himself up. After that he tried to kill god with batuk bhairav but failed. Batuk bhairav beat the chief up so badly that he almost fainted. He soon got up and sent the Veer of Hanumanji for help but failed. This time instead of killing god, Veer turned his anger on the chief and made him unconscious.

Seeing this, the relatives of that pibak brought him to god and requested them to be merciful on the chief. By lord’s grace, the chief (pibak) got up and went home. But filled with total rage, at midnight, he offered his offerings to Kalbhairav and sent him to kill god. Bhairav went to the garden where Nilkanth was there and realising them as god, guarded the garden during the night. In the morning he returned to the chief and said that they were God Narayan themselves and had the chief not be subjected to their divine grace, he would definitely have had killed him. Hearing this, the chief got scared and shun all the black magic and turned to Geeta-Bhagwad and other Vedic scriptures. In this way, after removing the evil from that place, lord soon set out to give their divine blessings and remove sufferings of the bharatvarsha.