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Dharmdev had a farm of fruits and flowers near his house. Some naughty people of the village liked to steal and eat the fruits of that farm. Many Jack-tree fruits ripened at that time. Two to three such scheming men entered this farm to steal the Jack-tree fruits early in the morning. No sooner did they touch the Jack-tree fruits, than Dharamdev approached there with a water-jug and a toothbrush cut from a babul tree. RamaPratapbhai and young Ghanshyam followed their father. The thieves were caught red-handed. RamaPratap shouted, “You thieves, I will now show you the taste of Jack-tree fruits.” RamaPratap was a fine wrestler. Moreover he was angry by nature.

The thieves knew this, so they shivered with fear. They beseeched, “O Dharmdev, please save us.” But who was there to stop RamaPratap? He caught hold both the thieves by their neck. Soon young Ghanshyam jumped into the fray. He pulled back his elder brother and said, “Stop, stop. They are not fit for your anger. Let them go, if they promise never to steal again.” The thieves wept and said, “We will never steal. Neither here nor anywhere.” The elder brother, seeing Ghanshyam’s earnest desire, freed the thieves.

Ghanshyam said to the thieves. “You want to eat Jack-tree fruits, don’t you? I will give you one fruit each. Take it and go home. Share it with other members of the family.” He gave each of them a Jack-tree fruit. The thieves bowed to Dharmdev and the two brothers and then went home with a Jack-tree fruit . Such was young Ghanshyam kind even to thieves! God is always kind to everyone.


Can you answer the following questions.

(a) Why did the thieves enter Dharmdev’s farm?

(b) How did RamaPratap catch the thieves? Why were the thieves afraid of him ?

(c) How did young Ghanshyam rescue the thieves ?

(d) Why did young Ghanshyam give Jack-tree fruits to the thieves ? How and where were the thieves to eat the fruits ?

(e) Do you think that these thieves might have stolen anything anywhere after this happened? Why ?