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Dada Khachar was a prince of Gadhada. He was chief of the town. He had two sisters, Jivuba and Laduba. Both the sisters were followers of Maharaj. Once Laduba was returning to Gadhada in a chariot. It was summer. The sun was bright. She saw some saints seated along the roadside. On inquiry, she found that one of the saints had fallen ill and was unable to walk. On hearing this, she was full of tears. She got down from the chariot at once.

She ordered the chariot-driver to take home that sick saint. “And what about you?”, asked the driver. Laduba said, “I will follow you walking.” The chariot drove away with the sick saint. Laduba walked home in the hot sun. She suffered herself, but could not see the saint suffer. Such was her devotion. Even Shreeji Maharaj has praised her devotion.