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After giving moksha to Gopalyogi, bhagwan moving in Bengal came to a town called Sirpur, which was ruled by a religious king called SiddhaVallabh. On the request of the king bhagwan stayed there for the Chaturmas. Because of the excellent nature of God, the king kept a Sadhu named gopaldas in bhagwans service. There were also several other tapasvis staying in that town don the request of the king. There were several renounced who were the devotees of several different deities, several others used to practice black magic and several other rituals and mantras. They all were staying in a big garden under an open sky. Nilkanth also were invited to stay with them.

One day, by the grace of God, there was a heavy rain for several days, day and night. All the other sadhus and siddhas ran for a shelter nearby but Nilkanth stayed there. The king came for their darshan and saw only Nilkanth staying there in the rain. So he came to know that they were lord and others were weak. The king then worshipped them and seeing that other tapasvis got jealous. So they tried to practice some black magic on him but none worked. So filled with anger they made gopaldas who was in the service of god unconscious.

The king then urged them to make him come to consciousness. Hearing this, proud tapasvis told him to go to Nilkanth as he was the one with superpowers. So the king went to Nilkanth and begged him. Soon lord spoke the divine Ashtakshar mantra of lord Narayan in gopaldas’s ears and he immediately came to consciousness. Seeing this happen the people who had performed black magic were harassed and ran away. The whole town soon worshipped Nilkanth after that incident happen. They were offered various gifts and flowers but god accepted none. 

Once at that time, a poor Brahmin who was extraordinarily well versed in Vedas and scriptures from Tamilnadu came there and accepted a huge donation of household stuff like grains etc. from the king. Because of that he lost his brightness and became black. Unhappy he came to the shelter of Nilkanth and he was given the ashtakshar mantra by Nilkanth and was rid from his misery.