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After leaving the Kamakshi town, Bhagwan went straight to Navlakha Mountain. That mountain is known as Navlakho because there were nine lakh siddhas doing their penance there. It is said that when Sukdevji, the son of Vyas muni were about to be born on earth, Sukdevji asked for a blessing from their father from the mothers womb that they shall only be born on earth if they are not touched by Maya.

Vyas muni held Maya for a minute of a second as they were born. But that very second there were nine lakh others who were born as well and they all were not touched by Maya. So they were all great yogis waiting for god to bless them since that very moment. God in the form of Nilkanth met all of them at the same time in nine lakh different forms. They stayed on the mountain for three days and then got down and went to Wadwa kund.