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Young Ghanshyam loved to bathe in rivers and brooks. He would jump into the river even though the river would be flooded. He would never stand idle when he saw someone drowning, he would readily jump into the river, and would save the drowning person. He had such understanding even at an early age. He had a group of companions. It was their routine to play mischief either jumping into rivers or climbing up trees. They would jump and hoop like monkeys; they would preform somersaults from branches to branches.

Once all the children climbed up a Mowra tree [bassia lati folia] on the bank of a pond and were hopping and jumping on it. While they were enjoying the somersaults from branches to branches, Ghanshyam fell down. His lip was wounded. There was a cut on his lip and he was bleeding. The children ran home and informed his parents that Ghanshyam had been wounded. RamaPratapbhai arrived soon. He rebuked Ghanshyam, “You are allowed to play and jump but you should also take care of yourself.”

“My elder brother, teach me how to take care of the body?” said Ghanshyam, he continued, “This is a body. It may fall, may be wounded or cut, and hands and legs might be broken. It may fall sick and may die also.” RamaPratapbhai smiled. He brought Ghanshyam home on his shoulder. Bhaktimata prepared SHEERO [a kind of sweet dish-like pudding-made of wheat flour, ghee, and sugar] with pure ghee and gave it to Ghanshyam to eat.

Ghanshyam’s natural childish play [Bal Leela] is described here.


Can you answer the following:-

(a) What kinds of game did young Ghanshyam play with his friends?

(b) Name the two favourite games of young Ghanshyam.

(c) How was young Ghanshyam injured?