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Shreeji Maharaj was fond of giving dinner to others with love. Once he was in a certain village. There he gave a dinner to the whole village. People who were outsiders and happened to visit this village were also lovingly offered food. The whole village with its visitors dined, but Maharaj was not fully satisfied so, Maharaj inquired twice if everyone had dined. Everybody said that they had. While this inquiry was going on, Maharaj's eyes fell on the people who were labouring and sweating hard in the field at a distance. Maharaj inquired about these labourers if they had dined.

Nobody had a slightest thought of these labourers, so they said, “No, Maharaj. We have not invited them.” “Invite them. I want to give food to them, too,” said Maharaj. At once everybody rushed to the fields and all the labourers were brought with all honour. Maharaj himself served them food with great love. Labourers' joy knew no bound. Such was Shreeji Maharaj.

The sunlight is for everyone. The river water is for everyone. Similarly, Maharaj's love is for everyone.

The householder should always be careful in seeing that all the members of his households have taken their meal even labourers, servants, etc. Maharaj, in the SHIKSHAPATRI, commandment 67, has commanded that;

“The householder should appropriately look after their small or big servants regarding food and clothes.” Servants of the household should be treated as members of the family. Gradually the family should be widened-family-country (motherland) and then the world. God belongs to the whole world.

Shreeji Maharaj has attached greater importance to importing of knowledge and giving food in charity.