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There is a small town in Saurashtra named Manavadar. There lived a brahmin. His name was Mayaram Bhatt. Once he was going to a nearby village riding on his horse. On the way, he met two ladies, a mother and a daughter. The mother said to Mayaram, “My daughter is sick. Would you kindly take her on your horse?” Bhattji at once got down the horse, seated that woman's daughter on the horse, and led the horse himself ahead.

Some man met him on the way. He said, “Both of you old persons are walking on foot and why have you seated this young woman on the horse-back?” That young woman began to say before Bhattji replied, “Everyone would allow to sit the young ladies, who would care for the old people?”

On hearing these words, Bhattji felt very much. On seeing this young woman sick, I seated her on the horse-back out of pity and what insulting words she uses! Oh! This is the world! At once he decided to repudiate this world. He decided to leave this worldly affair, and concentrated his mind on God. He was a householder, a Grihastha and remained Grihastha. He always remained within the service of Shriji Maharaj. Shriji Maharaj himself has praised Bhattji as `Grihastha Sanyasi' in the Shikshapatri and has considered him as a model for Grihastha satsangi' Such was bhakt Mayaram Bhatt - Grihastha yet completely unattached!