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When Bhagwan set off from Jagganathpuri, he had made up his mind not to stay at one place except for religious duties and penance but being of a very high philanthropy and mercifull on the sufferings of the people, Bhagwan had to stay more than required to relieve people and devotees from evil and pain.Once while walking towards tirupati balaji in the south of India, they came across a Sadhu called Sevakram. At the time when the Lord met him, he was quiet ill and his body was completely weak. The place where lord met him was quite far from the nearby town.

Sevakram did not even have the strength to walk. So god made for him a bed out of banana leaves under a big shady tree and nursed him and looked after him for quite a long time. Sevakram had 1000 gold coins with him. From that money, god used to get grains for him and used to cook him meal. After that they used to go to village and beg for their own meal. Someday if they did not get the meal they would have to fast.

But Sevakram never even for once told him to cook meal for them both. After Sevakram got well, he loaded all his stuff on the shoulders of Nilkanth without a word of thanks and started walking in front of him with a mala in one hand seeming as if he was the guru of Paramatma. But Nilkanth did not for once feel bad on his attitude and soon departed from that place.