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The child was three months of age, when Markandey Rishi, who was on pilgrimage, came to Dharmdev’s house.
“O Rishi,” said Dharmdev, “Name the child (give a name to the child).” Rishi was pleased. He said, “This child is going to remove [har] the plight of people, so his name will be Hari .” After a pause the Rishi continued, “All minds are attracted towards the child when they see him, so his second name will be Krishna.”

“Everyone has only one name,” replied Dharmdev, “Why then will my child have two?” “Really speaking, your son has not only two or five, but he has one thousand different names. He is Purusottam, and Nilkanth too. He is Ghanshyam and also HariKrishna. What he is and what he is not, I cannot say, because he is everything,” was Rishi’s reply. Dharmdev caressed the head of the child seated in his lap. His joy was boundless.

Markandeyji was not exhausting on describing the virtues of the child. Suddenly he had tears in his eyes. Dharmdev anxiously said, “O Rishi, why tears in your eyes?” “Dharmdev,” said the Rishi, “this is not an ordinary child. He is Param Purush - an extra ordinary man - a super man. He is born as a savior of the universe; a deliverer of the universe. He will be victorious everywhere on the earth. But I will not live to see these deeds. Hence, there are tears in my eyes.” Dharmdev consoled the Rishi: “Don’t worry God is merciful.”

The scriptures say that Markandey Rishi was born again; when he grew up he left his house and went away in search of God. He came to Gujarat; and became a Sadhu (a saint) and took holy orders when he had Shriji Maharaj’s darshan. His name is Swami Mahanubhavananda. Such is the significance of incarnation. After many long years, with the wish of Shriji Maharaj, saints arrived at the house of Suvasinibai. That is when they felt that God is very merciful. God never forgets His devotees.


Answer the following questions.

(a) What were the names of the child Lord given by Markendey?

(b) What did Markandey say when he described the virtues of God?

(c) Why were there tears in the eyes of Markandey Rishi?

(d) How was Markandey’s wish of seeing the God’s victories on the earth fulfilled?