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{This poem composed by Swami Brahmanand is one of the precious gems of our Gujarati literature. There is power and strength in each word of the poem.} Bhakta (a devotee) marries God. That means, he dedicates his whole life to god. It is not a child's joke. Dedication of whole life to god is similar to the Rajput proceeding to fight on a battle-field and he fights vigorously without the fear of death. Dedication of whole life to god is such vigour, and bravery is required for the devotion to god.

In battle, we have to fight against foes. Similarly, in the devotion to god, we have to fight against various foes like greed, temptation, affection, ego, etc. For this, we must have real power at heart. The real power in the heart means determination. Once we determine, we have to give up our loins and struggle. Never to step back. Whatever may come, let sorrow come, let people sensure, let them laugh at us, let them throw brickbats on us. Bear all this patiently and with faith.

As we never go to battle-field imitating a soldier, we can never imitate a devotee for the devotion of God. What honour can a person get who boastfully goes to a battle-field and timidly leaves the battle-field on seeing swords flourish? Such a coward should die pitifully. So dedicate your life to god with the colour of devotion that colour should never fade. It is the colour of readiness to sacrifice one's head for God. This is called bravery. This is called the brilliance. Swami Brahmanand has shown such bravery in his life. Whosoever has got such power valour, can instil power to other.