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Nilkanth Varni & Ramanand Swami - The First Divine Meeting in Piplana



Lord Nilkanth Varni arrived in Loj on Vikram Samvat 1856, Shravan Vad 6 and met Sukhanand Swami who informed Him about Ramanand Swami’s (Incarnation of Uddhavji) teachings who resided in Bhuj at that time. He advised Nilkanth Varni to meet Muktanand Swami who was the head disciple of the Uddhav Sampraday. 

Nilkanth Varni enquired about Jiva, Ishwara, Maya, Brahman and Parbrahman to which Muktanand Swami answered clearly based on the teachings of his spiritual master. Nilkanth Varni insisted to meet him in Bhuj but was informed that the route was too dangerous and was persuaded to wait for three months until his arrival.

After three months there were no signs of Ramanand Swami’s arrival and Nilkanth Varni eagerly enquired again. Both the Lord and Muktanand Swami wrote letters upon Ramanand Swami which were delivered by Mayaram Bhatt. Upon opening Nilkanth Varni’s letter very bright rays of light emerged and after reading it, Ramanand Swami informed all devotees of the arrival of Lord Purushottam Narayan (Nilkanth Varni). He replied to the letters which Mayaram Bhatt delivered back to Loj in seven days.Upon reading the reply both Nilkanth Varni and Muktanand Swami were overwhelmed with joy. Ramanand Swami instructed all saints to learn the art of Ashtang Yoga from Nilkanth Varni and informed them that they will also meet very soon.

On Vikram Samvat 1856, Jeth Vad 12 (Thursday 18th June 1800), revered Ramanand Swami met Nilkanth Varni for the first time in Piplana. The Lord and devotee were both really pleased to have acquaintance and affectionately embraced each other with tears of love rolling down both eyes. This pastime (Leela) of the Lord is narrated in detail by Shatanand Swami in the first canto and fifty-sixth chapter of Shreemad Satsangi Jeevan. (Prakran 1, Adhyaay 56). Eventually, Ramanand Swami sat upon his seat and Shree Nilkanth Varni respectfully sat before him and both gazed at each other for about an hour. Other devotees present witnessed this wonderful sight and felt truly blessed to see such love between the two even though meeting for the first time. Shatanand Swami describes this divine meeting pastime as tremendously wonderful for all devotees present at that time and it being an unimaginable divine sight.


Honourable Acharya Shree Raghuveer-Sut-Sut (Grandson of Acharya Raghuveerji Maharaj, Son of Bhagvat Prasadji Maharaj - Viharilalji Maharaj) has authored a verse on the greatness of Piplana in the fourth Kalash and sixth Vishram of Harileelamrut (Kalash 4, Vishram 6).


Same Raag as 'Ekadashi Aaj no din saaro re'