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Anantrai Rawal, a well known Gujarati scholar says on the Garbi's describing the separation caused by the passing away of Shriji Maharaj, composed by Premanand. “These songs of separation have been written in ink of agony of `Premsakhi'. The above meant Garbi entitled “O Lord! you should not have done that” is one of them.

Every line of the Garbi is full of heart tearing resonance of wailing. Heaps of sorrows have been heaped upon us. Waves of sorrows have engulfed us. You have passed away leaving us behind in this world. you have cheated us! We never had this! Our agony has BOOK-3 BOOK-3 limit ! This agony is unbearable to us! Let the sky fall, let the earth quake and we bury into it! Let the Cobra sting us! This and only this will end our life! Our heart is on verge of breaking. Now the limit of sorrow has come! O Maharaj! have mercy on us and help us!” Every line carries with it the agony of the heart of the poet.