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Pandu, the king of Hastinapur had five sons, Yudhisthir, Bhim, Arjun, Sahdev and Nakul. They were called Pandavas. Pandavas mean Pandu's sons. Pandava's cousins were called Kauravs. Kauravs were hundred in number. Duryodhan was the eldest of all. Kauravas disliked Pandavs because Kauravas had to share with Pandavas the kingdom. Once Kauravas invited Pandavas for gambling. They put forth a condition that one who is defeated should go to the forest for thirteen years. Pandavas were defeated and they went to the forest.

There they built a hut on the bank of a river and started living there. One day Duryodhan thought of going to a forest to see how miserable the Pandavas were. He wanted to be happy on seeing the Pandavas in misery. So he went to a forest with a big army. The Gandharvas were bathing in the river at that time. Duryodhan picked up a quarrel with them. The fight began, Duryodhan was very brave, but he was helpless before the bravery of the Gandharvas. He was taken a prisoner. Duryodhan's soldiers went to the Pandaves asham shouting for help.

Bhim and Arjun, when they came to know that Duryodhan had been taken a prisoner, were very much delighted because Duryodhan was very wicked, and he deserved it. But Yudhisthir said, “Duryodhan is our brother. In our personal/homely quarrel Kauravas are one hundred and we are five, but when it is a quarrel, with outsiders, we are not five or one hundred. We are one hundred five. So hurry up and free Duryodhan from the Gandharvas.” It was the eldest brother's order, hence Bhim and Arjun went there. They defeated the Gandharvas and freed Duryodhan. But Duryodhan's nature was such that he would not care about the gratitude done to him by the Pandavas. He even did not bother to thank the Pandavas. He went home directly.

This lesson is taken from the great scripture the Mahabharat.

There are difference of opinion among us. There will be quarrels also. But when the family, the social or the country interests are involved, we should dissolve the differences and work together. This is the central idea of this lesson.