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God was pleased seeing the beautiful white Himalayas where other heavenly gods resided. It is beautiful with its high cliffs, various precious metals and other substances, silver in colour with beautiful forests. God started walking further in the Himalayas and lost his way. Lord came in the middle of two cliffs and stood there. A river was flowing in the cave in-between two mountains. “Where should I go from here,” he thought. At that instance, Himalayas coming in a form bowed down to the divine Paramatma and said that if you walk against the flow of this river, you will find your way forward. Taking the word of the Himalayas, God started walking against the flow of the river and in the morning found his way. So walking for many days, God finally made it to the famous Ashram of the Son of Brahma, Sage Pulah. On reaching Pulhashram, God became very pleased. That ashram was beautiful and even by its sight, one can become very pious and blessed. By penancing in that ashram one gains Siddhis very easily.

God is always present in that Ashram. Bharatji, the son of Rishabhdev did his penance in this ashram. The river Gandaki flows on all the sides of this Ashram. God took a bath in this Gandaki River and started doing the puja of Muktinath Bhagwan. God started his penance in this place, which cannot be reached by any common man. Standing on one feet with arms raised in the sky the Lord started the mahamantra of Gayatri and prayed to SuryaNarayan. God used to bath in the Gandaki River three times a day and do the pooja of Muktinath. Looking at such severe penance of God, other tapasvi’s staying there became surprised. They thought to themselves that this yogi would be the incarnation of Prahladji or Dhruvji or Kartikswami or Sanatkumar or God Dattatrey themselves. “Or are they lord Narayan themselves in this form, giving us all their divine company,” they thought.

A common person can never do such severe penance. Seeing god standing on one feet and doing his penance, Dharmadev and Bhaktimata came in their divine form and stood besides them. Chaturmas was completed by doing such severe austerities and penance.