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Once Shriji Maharaj was encamping at Ghadhada. There were some student-Sadhus at Ghadhada. Once Maharaj called all those young Sadhus to him and addressed, “All of you will ask me questions”. Sadhus would be pleased when they got the chance to talk to Maharaj personally. Among those young Sadhus, there was one Sadhu named Shivanand.

Shivanand - Maharaj ! How do we know that a certain person has firm faith in God ?

Shriji Maharaj - You should know that person who believes that what ever God does, does for our good, well being. Such a person is called a person with firm faith in God.

Nirmanand - Swami ! How is it possible never to take to heart mean ideas about God and His devotees ?

Maharaj - If you have firm determination/faith/trust in God and trust in devotees of such God, you will never have any doubt about Him and His devotees.

Pragnanand - How do we have constant Darshan of God in all three status, in sleep, while we are awake and in dream ?

Maharaj - That is possible only if your actions done in your previous birth (Poorva Janma Samskaar) are good.

Shivananda - How do we know the soundness of a person in Satsang ?

Maharaj - A person who never tolerates other people speak ill of Satsangi, should be known as a person having sound foundation in Satsang.

Shivanand - How do we avoid wrath, greed, power, jealousy etc.?

Maharaj - Who is sound in Satsang Wrath, greed power, honour, jealousy etc. of a person who is sound in Satsang are destroyed by themselves.

Aatmanand - Swami ! When do we achieve such affection from all saints who is our teacher-GURU ?

Maharaj - The student-Sadhu who never forgets but always appreciates the leaving, may be a little learning, he got from his teacher is a good Sadhu. All saints are always pleased with such a Sadhu.

Gaharananda Swami - God is beyond the reach of our mind, understanding, speech. He is imperceptible yet how does he appear directly?

Maharaj - God favourable himself determines that a human being might see him. So he takes the appropriate form for the human being to see.

Tyaganand Swami - How can we please God ?

Maharaj - Never wish for the happiness of the body. Never have greed for his Darshan. Do as God commands and God will be pleased with you.

Laxmanand Swami - How can we keep ourselves happy, joyful, the whole day ?

Maharaj - Wherever there is God and wherever there is saint, there lies VAI KUNTH, Golok. One who understands this truth shall always remain in happiness the whole day.

Parmatmanand Swami - How can we acquire the qualities of a saint?

Maharaj - The BHAGVAT describes thirty qualities of a saint. The student who considers such a saint having all these qualities, sits always with him, gets qualities appropriate for a saint. All scriptures say that a person who serves a saint will automatically become a saint.

Shantanand Swami - Who is better ? A person who constantly meditates a certain form of God? or a person who continuously, like a breath, repeats the name of God orally or on a rosary?

Maharaj- The person who constantly meditates and never cares about his body is better even though not doing Katha Kirtan. But one who gets up himself and performs all acts of eating and drinking, though not doing KATHA-KIRTAN, is not so good as the one who does KATHA KIRTAN.

Aadharananda Swami - How can we please God and his Saints?

Maharaj - God and God's saints might please if we keep PANCH VARTMAN (Five principles of Sampraday ) and if we observe them firmly. There is no doubt about it.

Vedantananda Swami - How can we improve our disposition ?

Maharaj- The disposition that led to our defamation should be treated as our enemy. If we do so, God and God's saints will be fully pleased with us. Our power will be enhanced. Passion, wrath, greed and other such enemies will be powerless. God will definitely help us if we treat the enemies within cruelty like an enemy.

Bhagavadanand Swami - How can we manage that God sees our misdeeds even if we are away from as when we are afraid of misbehaving in his presence?

Maharaj- For that we should clearly and completely understand the significance of God. Nothing moves without God's will. Understand this carefully. When God takes birth on the earth for well-being of numerous lives, it appears that he rides the horse and that the horse bears him. But really speaking it is God who bears the whole earth. Thus if we understand this significance of God, we will, undoubtedly, observe His decorum/respects even though we are near to him or very far from him.

Bhagavadanand Swami - If everything moves according to God's will, why does God not avoid the trouble or calamity that befall on Him and His devotees ?

Shriji Maharaj - When God incarnates into a human form, he acts as a human being. He never discloses his divine power.

Nirmalanand Swami - What should we do to know the significance of a saint ?

Maharaj- The person who takes it for granted that the saint belongs to God and that I have been fortunate enough to have his company, therefore I am lucky. Such a person can see the saints significance ever becoming stronger in him.

Shunyatitanand Swami- Why does the affection for a saint and a Satsanghi decrease ?

Maharaj - At first there will affection. Then on finding a fault and accepts it seriously, the affection for a saint decreases. But knowing well, if we try to avoid it, we feel the same affection for a saint that we had initially.

Yoganand Swami - Even if we have faith in God, why should we not feel such affection for His life story, the KATHA?

Maharaj - That is because we have not fully understood the importance of God. When that is understood, we feel affection for him and without him if we feel affection on things other than God, we never feel love for it.

This questionnaire continued for a long time and Maharaj went on answering them. Then wishing “Jai Sachhidanand” Maharaj went to his residence.

VACHANAMRIT is the precious volume of our Sampraday. It is full of wisdom and knowledge. After initiating a person into sainthood, Maharaj used to give them much training. He made them study the religious scriptures. He used to discuss such matters that would sharpen their intellect. This lesson is such a model. Maharaj has given simple and practical answers.