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There was a Sadhu named Mohandas. He wanted to go to the Himalayas for penance, but he was lost on its way. He wondered in a dense forest. Suddenly he saw a young ascetic. On seeing such a young ascetic going all alone in the forest, he was surprised. He bowed to the ascetic and said, “Namo Narayan”. Varni responded in the same words and said, “Who are you? What are you doing here in the dense forest?” Mohandas answered, “I am a Sadhu and lost my way to the Himalayas for penance. Please show me the way”.

Varni smiled and said, “It is my work to show the right way to a person who has lost his way. Please follow me”. From that moment on wards Mohandas constantly remained with Varni. He served Nilkantha Varni very much. He cooked for him and fed Varni with love. After some time, Varni showed a certain place to Mohandas, saying, “Stay here and observe penance. Then if you inspire to leave, come and see me.” “Where should I meet you again? said Mohandas.

Varni said, “Don't worry for that. We will meet again as we met here.” After many years this Sadhu Mohandas met Shriji Maharaja in Saurashtsa, and Maharaj gave him initiation ( initiatory Mantra from the GURU ). He was named as `VRAJANANDA SWAMI'. Service, even in a smallest proportion, done to the Sadhus and saints become fruitful.

It is the work of Shriji Maharaj to show the right path to a person who has lost it. This we have to grasp and understand from this lesson. Secondly, always understand that Shriji Maharaj never forgets anyone.