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After hearing the praise of Ramanand Swami, Nilkanth Varni then told Muktananda Swami that they too were one of them and also desired to see the guru themselves and requested to take to them as soon as possible. Muktanand Swami on hearing this said that at the moment Ramanand Swami were in Bhuj. It might take another two to three months for them to come here and they might well reside with them in the Ashram till Ramanand Swami arrives.

So Nilkanth Varni stayed in the Ashram waiting for Ramanand Swami. They started offering Seva to Saints and other pilgrims. They used to bring the leaves to make the plates made from leaves (patrawala), collect wood for fire and also collect dung, bring water from the well, clean the grains, cook meals, do the dishes, Nurse the old and ill saints, wash their clothes etc. In this way they started doing the Seva in the Ashram. In the monsoon they used to sit in rain, sit in cold water in winter and in the sun in summer. Seeing this kind of penance, the saints became quite astonished.