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This is the title of a poem, the gist of which is given below. The poet thinks of a balance (scale) one dish of which consists (contains) the story (KATHA) of Shriji Maharaj and the other has all the happiness of the world that could be imagined. The dish containing Shriji's Katha will be heavier than the others.

The poet has described all the happiness of the world. He says, “All the pearls in the world as there are as many pearls as there are drops of water in the sea. As many gems as there an pebbles on the Himalayas. The silver moon, the gold sun, the canopy of the sky full of stars; as many Kalpataru (wish-yielding trees) as there are trees on the earth. The life of millions of years: all these in one dish and Shriji's Katha in another.

The Haribhakta chooses neither the wealth of the world, nor the long life.The poet would go without wealth. He is ready to face death which may come any at time, but he firmly says, “I will never leave the reading, the listening and the meditating Shriji's KATHA. That KATHA has shaped my life. It has taught me how to live my life. That KATHA I am not going to leave. I won't leave HARI KATHA. Everything except HARI KATHA is full of misery, woe.