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There lived in Bhuj a Brahmin woman named Surajbai. She had a great faith in Shriji Maharaja. She used to recite and worship the name by devotional song of Shriji Maharaja. She used to throw corns daily before birds for feeding and she, by bowing her head to them, used to say to himself,“ Eat o lovely birds eat with joy, the corn belongs to Maharaja and you are Maharaja's birds.” This Surajbai went to Gadhada to have Maharaja's Darshana. She was highly pleased on having Maharaja's Darshana. Tears of joy swelled in her eyes. She began to serve Maharaja with great enthusiasm as if she had wings. She used to herself prepare the food for Maharaja and fed him.

Once she had a thought; “ While I was in Bhuj, I used to throw corn to birds, but that is not possible here.” She determined in her Mind, but the mind was already occupied by Maharaja. Maharaja understood her heart's desire. He at once got up to throw corns to birds. Everyone was surprised to see this; “ why did Maharaja himself get up to scatter corns to birds?”

Maharaja said, “ If you want the answer why I got-up, ask Surajbai. It is her mind's determination ( SANKALPA ) to throw corns to birds.” “ Extraordinary ! Surajbai seemed to be so lucky ”, said everyone. Surajbai has accompanied with me to this earth from Akshardham. Much good is going to be done of the people by her hands” And it so happened.

Such was a woman of Rampur of kutch, her name was Dhanbai. Her husband died soon after marriage. Dhanbai diverted her mind from this worldliness for other worldliness of God. Dhanbai came into contact with Surajbai and then ? it was like her race towards the road to devotion. Surajbai had a great desire to perform YAGNA in kutchh, to perform SAMAIYA and cordially invite thousands of devotees to lunch. But there was a hitch. Surajbai was a Brahmin. Devotees felt that they should give to a Brahmin but should never accept from a Brahmin. So she was confused at what to do. Once she expressed her desire to Dhanbai and said, “ You perform many YAGNAS in Kutch and invite devotees on lunch.”

“ This will require much wealth. Have we that much of wealth ? ”, asked Dhanbai. Surajbai laughed and said, “ Your name itself is Dhanbai. Why should you worry for money ?. You are honour of unending treasure”, said Surajbai. Surajbai took out five KORIS ( Silver and Gold coins.) her purse. This sum was equivalent too hardly to a rupee and a half. Surajbai placed this five KORIS in Dhanbai's hands and said, “ Take this. perform YAGNAS and SAMAIYAS. Invite Vaishnavas on lunch. Build temples and you are free to do anything in the name of Maharaja. Remember that this wealth will only be exhausted when the greatness, significance, importance of Maharaja is exhausted.” Dhanbai spread her sari and accepted the five KORIS and she went home. She recited Maharaja's name and placed the KORIS in a purse.

Dhanbai service-camp started. One after another Parayana started. except the Parayana of the `Bhagavat' the Parayana of SATSANGI BHUSAN, HARIVAKYASUDHASINDHU, BHAKTACHINTAMANI, SHIKSHAPATRI_BHASHYA, SATSANGIJEEVAN, etc. Plenty of wealth was spent after these Parayanas, SAMAIYAS, YAGNAS, temples, and installation of foot paints of the SADHUS and in other public welfare schemes. Celebrations went on for fifteen days. Thousands of devotees and sadhus lunched. Continuous recitation of BHAGVAD nam took place. Everybody not only in Bhuj, but also in the whole of Kutch, praised Dhanbai organised a big YAGNA on the passing away of Sadguru Aksharjivan Dasji Swami. Many Satsangis were invited from every corner of Kutch. She sprinkled on these devotees the holy water blessing them. She also preached them.

Where these inexhaustible wealth come from ? Did it come from that purse witch contained five Koris ? She had no other source of money except the purse. Moreover the Koris were meant for Satsangis. While Dhanbai was merely a hard labourer. She used to take a meagre meal. It consists of porridge made from Bajari, and that too without salt. Taste has no place in her life. Only service, austerity, renouncement and devotion constituted in her life. Dhanbai is an uncommon/rare woman to be found in the Swaminarayana Sampradaya. She willingly left this perishable body after the fulfilment of the duties entrusted to her by Surajbai. Even today her SAMADHI stands as a place of pilgrim on the bank of river in the village Rampur.