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There is a small village named Dhufai in Kutch. There lived a Bhanusali farmer in this village. His economical condition was very poor but he was generous at heart. He would daily go to a temple for Darshan. He would have the Darshan of the idol in the temple. He would have the Darshan of the sadhu who might have come to the temple. He would participate in KATHA-KIRTAN that would be going on in the temple. He loved saints and Sadhus. So he would invite them for lunch.

All this was being witnessed by his eight years old son. The son would accompany his father to temple and would bow down his head to saints. Thus he became sure that the saints and Sadhus are God's devotees. They have become Sanyasi for the sake of God. They remember the day and night God's name. So they are men of God. Thus we should lovingly have Darshan of God's men and if possible, we should serve them.

Once it so happened that the parents of this boy had to go outside the village. They said to their son, “Dear son, we are going out. We will return by the evening. We have kept your food well preserved. When you feel hungry, eat it”. And they left. He started playing in the lane. Meanwhile some saints arrived in the village. The village was very small. The boy saw them. He went to them and said, “Welcome! our village become sacred by your arrival.” The saints were pleased with boy's sweet words. They said, “O dear child! Shall we get Bhiksha anywhere here?”

“Sure, you will get it. Welcome to my home,” said the boy and took all the saints with him to his house. He spread AASHAN for them to sit. The saints washed their mouths and hands with water. The boy brought the food. It consisted of loaves and curry. The saints inquired, “O dear boy, how and from where did you bring the food from?” “My parents have gone out and have kept this food for me. I offer you that food. I shall take my lunch when my parents will return and will cook for me. I am not hungry at present,” answered the boy.

The oldest among the saints said, “Why don't you have hunger. Is it because you want us to dine?” The boy smiled but spoke nothing. The saints understood that the boy, with all pleasure, wants them to dine by keeping himself hungry. They gladly took the meal. The boy gladly fed them. When they had eaten, the oldest saint said, “Boy, we are pleased with you. What do you want? Ask for it and we will give it to you”.

The boy said, “Should we ask for anything from a saint? People who have sweets, dry fruits and many things should be approached for help. What does a saint have? A saint has neither money to give nor sweets or dry fruits”. “True, Still ask for something,” said the oldest saint. “Then give me that which you love most,” said the boy. “We love God the most. Shriji Maharaj is the dearest to us. We will give Him to you . You may see Him as we see Him. Worship Him as we worship Him”, replied the oldest saint. “Tell me how you worship Him”, asked the boy.

The saints talked much about Shriji Maharaj. They taught him the Mantra of Swaminarayan. They also taught him how to lead a good life. Then they said “Jai Swaminarayan” and left. The Oldest was saint Swami Shatanand. He is considered the foremost among the leading poets of Shriji Maharaj. When such a great saint favours, what else is required? The boy's heart was thus purified. The dirt/sins of previous lives washed away. He acquired NIRVAN DRASHTI (Vision) - the sight which enables a person to see the past, present and future without any obstacle. The boy came to know that he has received a great gift of his small service to the saints. He began to recite/repeat continuously the MANTRA of SWAMINARAYAN. He went on reciting the Mantra in all three status - awakening, sleeping, and dreaming. This had great effect on boy's parents. They also became Satsangi. Now they wished to have the Darshan of Shriji Maharaj in person. Maharaj stayed in Ghadhada. It was a long way from here. They had to walk. So, leaving the boy, the parents went to Ghadhada. There they had the Darshan of Shriji Maharaj. They bowed, heard the KATHA, listened to the teaching, had the Darshan of several saints and they returned. Their enthusiasm was boundless. They talked to the boy about he significance of Shriji Maharaj.

Meanwhile the boy started speaking, “Was Shriji Maharaj sitting like this? Was he talking about thus? Was a certain saint sitting in this way? Were you sitting at a particular place?” The parents' surprise was boundless. They thought that the boy had seen more than what they did, and that too by remaining at home. Sometime passed thus. The boy's parents died. The boy left the village and came to Bhuj. There he got initiation and became a monk. His name was Achiyutdasji Swami. He has worked much for Satsang. His NIRAVAN VISION lasted till his life. There are many illustration of it. Once when he was in Ahmedabad, he used to continuously sit on his seat. A certain saint asked him, “Why don't you attend the Katha ?” He merely smiled in a reply. When he was forced to say, he said, “I can see and hear by sitting here only. Then why should I unnecessary come there and disturb the attention of listeners? Only God and myself are good for me ?” Achyutdasji was such a unpretentious and unshowy person.

He used to do every type of work in the temple of Bhuj. He was ever ready to sweep floors in the temple. Ready even for collecting cow dung and paste it on the floor. No work was mean for him. This was his firm understanding. Swami Achyutdasji has done a great service to Sampraday. It was a service that can only be performed by a rare personality. That service is his volume “Shri PURUSHOTTAM Leela Mrit Sukhsagar. This volume is famous as KUTCH LEELA”. There we find an elaborate description of Leela's performed by Shriji Maharaj in Kutch. This volume is very popular among the devotees. Achyutdasji's life is an illustration of how a man reaches a the top, crossing all the troubles with the blessing received as result of the saint's service and how rare acts are done by a person through saint's inspiration.