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The father, Vishnu Sharma, was a great scholar, at the same time his son, Dinmani, was not less clever than his father. He was also a great scholar. He studied and learnt the art of learning by going from Lucknow to Benaras. Scriptures were very important for the father, whereas the son regarded the inner (hidden) meaning of the scriptures important. To understand this deeper meaning, he left home. The father was rich. There was pomp in the house. But the son had no hankering after fame or wealth. He wanted only God. He did not find him either in fame or wealth. So he left the home leaving everything.

He directly went to Badrinah. There you may find many saints and Sadhus. He met several ascetics, yogis and saints. He requested them, “Please show me God”, They said, “Serve us” Dinmani served them day and night, but God remained very far. Dinmani now started pilgrimage all over India - Mathura, Brindavan, Benaras, Jagannath - puri and Rameshwar. He met many saints, Sadhu, ascetics and other Mahatmas, but his mind was not at rest. He came to Gujarat after pilgrimage to Karnatak and Maharashtra. He wanted to go to Dwarika.

Wherever he went, he put the same question, “Is there anyone here who could show me God?” If any saint or Sadhu was recommended, he would go to him. Thus roaming, he came to Visnagar. There he asked the same question. He roamed a lot, but he got here at Visnagar quite a different answer from other places. “God himself moves on the earth today. Go and have the Darshan of Sahjanand Swami”. Dinmani went to Saurashtra after getting the whereabouts of Shriji Maharaj. Maharaj was not there. He was in Gujarat. Again he came to Gujarat.

Maharaj was at Unza. He was on a river bank surrounded by his followers. The dialogue was going on. Dinmani arrived there. He lost his consciousness on having the Darshan of Maharaj from a far. He forget his body. He felt throughout his body that he is not a body but an immortal soul. He thought “Oh! I got this much knowledge within a minute's glimpse. Then what will I not get if I stay permanently with him?” Gradually he regained his consciousness and felt prostrate at the feet of Shriji Maharaj.

“Oh ! you have come at last! Dinmani,” saying thus Maharaj got up from his seat and affectionately embraced him, as if they were known to each other since many births. Dinmani decided on the spot that his life would always be at the feet of Shriji. Maharaj is his Dwarika and all pilgrimages he stayed for ever with Maharaj.

Maharaj initiated him in his sainthood and gave him a new name of Nityanand. Nityanand Swami was a great scholar of Sanskrit. Still Maharaj insisted on him for the further study. Maharaj sent him to Purushottam Bhattji of Nandol, and said, “Return only when you have understood the deeper (inner) meaning of the Bhagwat.” Swami went to Nandol and busied himself with the study. He was so clever that he understood everything before it was taught to him by Bhattji. Bhattji knew that this Swami was a man who does not require to be taught. On the contrary he is meant for teaching. Then why had Maharaj sent him here ? That was also now self evident.

Nityanand Swami began to unravel the mystery of the scriptures one by one. Bhattji was spell bound on seeing this. When swami returned after the study, Maharaj asked him, “Could you understand the secret of Bhagwat?” “Yes! Your favour has greatly helped me to understand it. Howsoever a man might be great, a Rishi, a Sanyasi, an ascetic but he is imperfect without God's favour. Therefore, we should try our level best to please God, even by religion, knowledge, detachment and devotion. This is the secret of the Bhagwat,” replied Swami. “You have understand it correctly”, said Maharaj. Swami always discussed with Maharaj about something quite new. Swami taught the younger Sadhus. There were several powerful saints like Vasudevanand, Aatmanand, Devanand who studied under Nityanand.

Some scholars from Baroda made an uproar that Swaminarayan Sampraday is adverse to the Vedas. So the Maharaj of Baroda (the King of Baroda) held a meeting. Shriji Maharaj allowed Nityanand Swami to take part in the meeting. Nityanand Swami established there that the Swaminarayan Sampraday is quite according to the scriptures, the Vedas. Similar type of incident occurred in Ahmedabad after the passing away of Shriji Maharaj. Some people thought, “Thus is the best opportunity to throw down - to crush this sampraday” They held a meeting of scholars. Nityanand went to attend that conference with two cart loads of religious books. He argued out his points so forcefully that he established the fact that Swaminarayan Sampraday is very according to and the sanction of the Vedas. His opponents were thus defeated miserably. Thus Shriji Maharaj's victory (Jai Jai Kar) was everywhere in the air.

Swamiji was stout in body. So someone remarked that Swami Nityanand became fat only by eating sweet balls (Laddus). Swami heard this. He laughed and said, “O dear brothers! This body is, in every veins, full of the significance of Swaminarayan. Hence it is stout and healthy, otherwise the body in fact is fed by only lemon sized of meagre food and that too dry food. If you want to be stout and healthy, take this Swaminarayan medicine.” Swami has written several volumes in Sanskrit. SHRI HARI DIGVIJAY volume is foremost among them.