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While Nilkantha was roaming the whole country, he happened to come to the land of penance and meditation. Many ascetics were performing penances and meditation. They were meditating `Niranjan, Nirakar Brahma' (God). Nilkantha always had an idol [Shaligram] of Balmukunda with him, and was in the habit of offering food to him before taking it. Seeing this, all the ascetics asked him, “Why do you unnecessarily always keep this idol of Balmukund with you ?” “God is Omnipresent (present everywhere).” “Don't you then regard God Omnipotent ?” asked Nilkantha Varni. “No doubt he is,” answered the ascetics. “Now tell me, Himself being Omnipotent, what can He not do?” “This idol is the form of God.” “It is a boundless form of God.” “Whatever we see in the world, is the form of God.”

“A layman is incapable of appreciating this.” “Not only that, but even the great ascetics, saints also fail to appreciate that idea.” “Hence it is desirable to worship this idol - the form of God.” “It is the symbol of God.” “There is nothing wrong therefore if we worship and adore it.” “He also incarnates Himself on this earth, at that time he looks like man.” “But whoever considers this incarnation of man as only a man is a fool, an ignorant person.” “So this idol of God is inevitable so that these people may not consider Him as a man.” “Incarnation of God also worships his own idol.”

“It is always appropriate.” “This will set an example among the people.” “Hence, never find a fault in the idol of God,” said Varni. Varni continued, “Never find any fault if God Himself forms His own form and worships it.” “If any person considers on these lines, he will become theistic very soon.” “Demoniacs become divine.” “The wicked become good and simple minded, and all his sins are burnt (they are pardoned).” On hearing the teachings from a teenager Varni, the ascetics were pleased. They bowed their heads to Varni respectfully. Then Varni went to the forest where Dhruv had meditated on one leg. There Varni stood on one leg (like Dhruv) and meditated.

This is an illustration of wonderful leela of Balyogi [teenager ascetic] Nilkantha Varni.