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The Kauravas and the Pandavas were cousins. The Kauravas were cruel and cunning (fraudulent). The Pandavas were the followers of justice and ethics. The Kauravas involved the Pandavas into gambling and managed to defeat them. They usurped the Pandava's kingdom. The Pandavas were forced to stay in forest for thirteen years. Thereafter, Lord Krishna went to persuade the Kauravas to hand over the kingdom to the Pandavas, but the Kauravas refused. Lord Krishna told them to part with a little if not a half, at least five villages. The eldest of them, Duryodhan said that he was not ready to give them even a small particle. Pandavas could get it back if they have courage enough. The fight was therefore the only alternative.

Armies on both sides gathered on the battle field of Kurukshetra. There were about eighteen and a half lacs of warriors. On the rival side there were twenty nine lacs of warriors. Armies were ready to fight. Conches were blown as signs of beginning of battle. The third brother Arjun was a great warrior. He was out on the battle field, riding a carriage/chariot drawn by white horses under the command of Lord Krishna who himself was driving the chariot in the centre of the armies. I want to see who are the persons, “I am going to fight with”. Lord Krishna brought the chariot in the middle of the battlefield. Arjuna saw that there were his relatives on both sides. There were fathers, grand fathers, uncles, maternal and paternal, sons, grand sons, nephews, revered elders, teachers, relations and friends ! All were ready to fight. Arjun was unhappy on seeing them. “Alas ! Am I to kill all these relatives of mine ? Why ? For Kingdom ?”

Arjun felt so much that he at once spoke, “O lord Krishna ! I do not want such an unholy kingdom as would prompt me to kill my relatives and elders. Let them kill me, I won't kill them”, saying this, he sat down.

Lord Krishna said, “Oh ! what are you doing ? you are a Kshatriya. If you don't fight, people will think that you are afraid of fighting and took to your heels. What will be your prestige then? It is better to lose life than to lose one's prestige”. Arjuna said, “Should I kill my keth and kin only because of my own prestige? “You talk wise, but you can't understand the point. The people whom you call uncles are merely bodies. Body dies but the soul in the body is immortal. Soul never dies. It's your fault if you believe it a sin to kill bodies. Because the soul is neither hurt or pierced by weapons. It is not burnt by fire. Neither it gets wet by water neither it is dried up by air. It is constant and immutable. This body is merely an outward cover of soul. As and when the overcoat becomes old or torn, we put on a new one. Similarly soul, leaving one body, holds another. Thus soul goes on wearing new coats. Hence, no worry for the death of a body. So fight bravely and kill them all,” advised Krishna.

Arjun replied, “Well I not be a victim of sin by killing them ?

“NO you are a Kshatriya. It is your duty to fight. We tried our level best to avoid this battle, yet we could not avert it. At last it fell on us. Now it is your duty to fight. What sin could be there in performing one's duty ? No sin could be there in doing one's duty. Man succeeds in following his own duty. Sin lies in renouncing one's own duty and follow the duty of others. There is one more point. Leave thinking about who is killed and who lives battle, who will win and who will be defeated in the battle, your only duty is to fight. Your work is to fight. You are the master/owner of action and not of the result of your action. Yes, one has a right of action. But you have to abandon that right. Hence, leave the result and only do the action. Don't hope for the result after doing your action. This is the art of living,” said Krishna.

“Oh Krishna! To do the act and never to hope for its result is not so good as never to act,” said Arjuna. Krishna smiled and said,” Do you think that not by doing your duty (act) you will get freedom of doing duty? But it is not so. The nature of man is such as would not allow him to be free from action. Why, he will die of starvation if he doesn't act”. Arjun fell at thinking. After some time, he said, “You said man changes coat every now and then, How's that ?” “We had many births previously, you do not know about it, but I know it, because I am God of every life,” replied Krishna. Arjun was surprised on hearing this. He said, “What do you say? I only come to know about it now.”

Now Krishna exposed his deepest secret. He said, “Yes I am Universal-soul. Wherever, whatever lies is in Me, and I am in them. I am unborn still I am born. But When ? When religion is defeated and irreligious becomes victorious, I am born - incarnated. I do three acts, protection of saints, destruction of the wicked, and the re-establishment if religion. There are many way to achieve me. One may select any way he likes. That is the way to me. Man should understand this. This is called knowledge. There is nothing holier than knowledge on the earth.

Arjun's thirst for knowledge was increasing more and more. He said, “O Krishna, if you are universal soul, tell me something more”. God said, “Arjun please listen. I am light of lights - the sun. I am the moon among planets. I am the Himalay among mountains. I am the Ganges among rivers. I am Pipal tree among trees. I am Gayatri among metres and verses. I am letter `A' the first letter of alphabet in words. I am Magsar the second month Vikram Era, among months. I am JAI (Victory) among YAJNAS. I am AUM in speech. I am the creator and I am the destructor. Where ever, whatever that exists on the earth I am all”. Arjun now recognised God. He joined both his hands and said,” O God, let me have the `Darshan' of that Universal form”.

 The Shri Mad Bhagwad Geeta is the chief book of Hinduism. Very few can read the Vedas and the Upanishads, but everyone can read the GEETA. Everyone should read it Shriji Maharaj has also specially recommended the reading of the Geeta.

The UPANISHADS are cows. Krishna is a cowboy who milks cow. After milking the cows, he serves us the milk. The Geeta is the milk. The version of the Geeta is found in almost all languages of the world.

Many sentences spoken by God are worthy to be remembered. Rewrite them as per your selection.