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Roaming thus, Nilkantha Varni arrived in a city. Those were the rainy days. Varni encamped on a river bank. There he began to enchant loudly the verses [chopai] from the Ramayan written by Tulsidas [Rama Charit Manas]. This loud enchantment of the Ramayan mixed with the loud thunders of the rainy clouds made the atmosphere very divine. People came running. They saw a teenager celibate and were surprised, “What a great renunciation at so young an age!” Each one of them took his seat in front of Varni. They joined their hands and began to pray reverently:

“Kindly accept some humble service.” Varni never asked for anything from anyone. He lived upon fruits and roots and bulbs. he would prepare `Bati' if people provided him some provisions. People lovingly forced him to accept provisions. He did accept, prepared food and ate himself and offered others lovingly. With this offering, Varni told them a word or two of teaching. Everyone experienced peace of mind and happiness.

From this place Varni went ahead. At last Varni arrived at the place where Naradji did hard penance during his young age, and here on the same land, Varni did penance for ten days.