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Dharmdev had a cow named Gomati. Child Ghanshyam loved her very much. She also loved Ghanshyam. Gomati used to give four seers of milk each time daily. All the members of the household ate it. Ghanshyam drank it utmost to his satisfaction. So his sister-in-law Suwashini bhabhi placed the bowl full of milk in Ghanshyam’s dish. Once Suwashini bhabhi thought: “Ghanshyam is still very young. Why should I serve such a big quantity of milk to a child?” So she served big bowls full of milk to others but to Ghanshyam she gave a small cup. Ghanshyam did not say anything to anyone. But when in the evening Suwashini bhabhi went to milk the cow, the milk that the cow gave was only half in quantity that she used to give. Bhabhi did not understand the cause of it.

It was evening and everyone sat down for supper. The sister-in-law gave each one of them half of what she used to give in the morning. Ghanshyam did get milk but only half a cup! Ghanshyam said nothing. He finished the supper silently. The next morning again the sister-in-law began to milk the cow. This time she got only one fourth of the regular quantity. She fondled the cow very much in many different ways, but the cow never gave more milk. She went to Bhaktimata and said, “Mother, How is it so? Why does the cow not give as much milk as she used to give?”

Bhaktimata was already watching the situation. She smiled and said, “Of course you are partial in catering milk to members of the family, the cow can also be partial in giving milk. Why do you serve Ghanshyam less milk? Give him as much as you give to others.” “I will do accordingly,” said the sister-in-law. That evening the cow gave full quantity of four seers! By this Leela-episode God pointed out that every member of the household, guests, servants etc.. and others invited to dine must be treated equally. No one should be treated as nearer or dearer.


Can you answer the following questions.

(a) Why did Suwashini give less milk to Ghanshyam?

(b) Is it fair to serve milk partially in a meal?

(c) Why did the cow that used to give milk daily start giving less and less?

(d) Whose cow it was? Why did the cow behave like this?

(e) What was the reason of such happening forwarded by Bhaktimata?

(f) What lesson do we learn from this episode?