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There was a temple to be built at the village of Gadhada. Stones were required for the foundation of the temple. Maharaj ordered, “There are many stones on the river bank. Everyone should go to the river, take a holy dip (bath) and bring one stone each.”Shriji Maharaj was not such a Maharaj who orders his devotees and He himself remains seated on the comfortable seat (a gaddi).Shriji Maharaj himself would follow his own order. Whenever he would go to the river to take a bath in the morning and evening, he would return with a heavy stone on his head!

The saint and disciples would request, “Maharaj, you please take rest. We will do your work!” Shriji Maharaj said, “So you think that this is my work? No, No, this is God's work! This is the work of a temple!” Thus Shriji Maharaj did not leave the work aside. The saints and disciples would bow mentally when Maharaj returned with a heavy stone on his head. They would exclaim, “Oh, Shriji Maharaj appears so divine with a heavy stone on his head!” Maharaj was not an ordinary man of this world. He was a man of God and as such there was no wonder.