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There is a town named Mangrol near Junagadh. There lived a Baniya. His name was Govardhanbhai. He was a follower of Shreeji Maharaj. He thought of Maharaj day and night. When a customer came to buy or give anything from his shop, he would regard him as Maharaj. If somebody brings any provision or commodities, he would enter it in his account - book “through Maharaj.” People would advise him, “Gordhanbhai, such practice cannot be followed in business. So forget “Swaminarayan”, and write down/enter real names and places of the person.”

“Swaminarayan is the only real name and place,” told Gordhanbai. This story came to Maharaj's ears. Maharaj knew Gordhanbhai very well. Maharaj said, “Don't worry. Gordhanbai has entrusted everything to Swaminarayan. Swaminarayan is Omnipotent. He will take care of everything.” Such was Gordhanbhai, Maharaj's follower. God looks after everything of a person who entrusts everything to Him.