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From Jagganathpuri, god started walking south and soon crossed the dense forest after staying a short while at the pilgrim place of Adikurma and reached the town of Manaspur. Here, the king Satradharma was a very religious and pious person and he gave god a quiet place to stay. At that time, the demon sadhus who had escaped from the Jagganathpuri came there and started stoning Nilkanth in order to kill them as they blamed him for the massacre of their gangs in Jagganathpuri.

They threw many stones at god but none touched them. In the morning, when the king came to see the Lord, he was surprised to see all the stones around Them. Learning of what had happened, he soon called his army and got the demons killed. God then gave the king, the Vaishnavi Diksha and soon set off from there.