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Ramanand Swami had the friendship built with Shri Hari. They started doing all the social duties by asking Shri Hari. After roaming different villages in the foothill in Junagadh, Shri Hari came to Jetpur at the house of Unnad bapu. Because of his excellent qualities, all the saints started thinking Sahajanand swami as the best amongst them. Two years passed staying with the swami. One day Ramanand Swami said to Narayan muni in front of all saints,” O muni! Hear to what I say now. You should keep all the tyagis and the social people in the boundaries of religion.

You should always accept from the devotees out of their devotion. Our Sampraday is bhakti marg, so you should celebrate all the major festivals and ekadashis. The principle of Vishishtadwaita should be accepted as per the philosophy of Ramanujacharya in our Uddhav Sampraday. You know all the scriptures and are a scholar in religion; you are capable to take my place. I have thought of this since the day I laid my eyes on you. I know your faith in the Vairagya. But the work started by me will only be continued by you. No one else is capable of doing it. You accept all the ornaments, clothes and other offerings made to you by the devotees and can sit on a vehicle.

You will not have any kind of restrictions. You shall preach all the men and women alike. You are quite capable to protect everyone in this Kalyuga cause I know that you are SAKSHAT PARAMATMA. Hearing these words from the guru, lord became quite sad and said:”Sadguru! I know that one should always listen to their guru, but my nature is completely against all this kind of responsibilities that you have given me. Wealth and meeting or talking to woman is against my nature. One should never trust his mind no matter how great he is.

Whoever have trusted their mind have fallen from their path. So Gurudev! It is better to fall in a pit of fire or eat poison but wealth and company of woman is not good. Because of their attachment, all the evil comes to ones mind. At the moment you are present but it is not good to put all the responsibilities on me.” Hearing the words of Narayan muni, Ramanand Swami said,”O Shri Hari! I know what you mean. Whatever I do is thought twice. I am here at the moment, but I want to leave this earth after passing the responsibility to you. You are the only one capable to be without any attachment in spite of staying between wealth and speaking to woman. SuryaNarayan has blessed you.” Hearing the words of Ramanand swami, Narayan muni folded both his hands and bowed his head. Ramanand Swami put Narayan muni on his gadi and addressed all the saints and the devotees:” O devotees! From today onwards, Narayan muni will take my place. Narayan muni is young so don’t doubt him but follow his orders.”

All the saints and devotees then bowed Ramanand swami and promised to follow Sahajanand Swami. Ramanand Swami then told Shri Hari to ask for a blessing, as they were very pleased with them. God says, “O guru! If you find me capable for a blessing then bless me- my mind always be in the devotion of Paramatma. At the time of death, a person suffers a lot of pain. A devotee of god should never suffer that pain and instead, may his pain come to me. Also because of fate, devotees may have to suffer the hardships and poverty. Let all their sorrow related to food and clothing be suffered by me and your devotees be happy at all times. Let I reside in a place where there are devotees and saints of God. Let my arms, speech, works, heart, eyes, body and mind be in the devotion of god.” Ramanand swami then blessed Shri Hari who were full of compassion for others.