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Lie down on your back. Bring your heels near your thighs by bending your legs at the knees. Keep a little distance between your feet. Now bring each of your hands by the sides of each shoulder. Places them in such a way that the palms should rest on the ground and the direction of the fingers should by towards your feet. First raise your hips and waist and take your knees a little forward. Put pressure on your hands and feet, and lift your back, neck and head also. Try to reduce the distance between your hands and feet by bringing the closer to each other. Your neck would hang at the back and shoulder would be raised. In this way, your body will get the shape of a charka or wheel. To take full advantage of this asana, lessen the distance between your hands and feet as much as possible.



This asana makes the spine elastic, relieves backache, strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, chest and abdomen. Women get relief from pair during their menstruation periods. It also cures shakiness of hands, neck and head.